From Undergrad to MCAT to The Unknown – Part Three


This week, I am continuing my multi-part series about my personal struggles as a pre-medicine student. I want to thank everyone who has taken time to read through my story. Talking about my story is hard, but I want to share it in case there’s other people out there going through the same thing. We are not alone.


Here’s a little recap of my experience to help follow along:

  • 1st Semester Freshman Year: great grades, trouble adjusting, friends leave, traumatic experience
  • 2nd Semester Freshman Year: life was falling apart, horrible grades, dealing with depression

Redeeming Myself

As I said last week, my grades were suffering because of my burdening depression. I hate using excuses, so I refused to accept my depression. To me, saying that my grades were suffering because my motivation and will were diminished, was an excuse.

I was hard on myself and it was only making things worse.

My school only allowed for 12 therapy sessions, so I wasn’t “healed.” I still had a lot of unresolved issues, but at least I had better coping mechanisms going into my sophomore year.

Eventually, I began accepting my depression. I also met someone that helped me change my life (super cheesy, I know. I won’t get into that right now). I began better taking care of myself. I also began goal-planning – going to PA and/or med school. I knew that my goal was out of reach with my low GPA, but I was determined to rise again.

As many of you know, it’s super easy to drop your GPA. Raising your GPA, however, isn’t easy. At all. My grades were pretty good my junior year and they were great my senior year. While my grades were greatly improved, they weren’t doing much for my GPA.

I wanted to make it to at least a 3.0 by the time I graduated, but it didn’t happen.

Current Situation

So I have a low GPA and a low MCAT, what now? Do I give up?


Giving up isn’t an option! My plan is to attend a Masters’ program or Postbacc/SMP so I can improve my GPA. I will retake my MCAT, but I don’t feel prepared to retake it this year, so I’ll do that next year. I’m going to test out my luck and apply to some med schools, especially the ones that review applications holistically. I don’t know when I’ll make it to med school, but I will make it. I’ve conquered so many things in my life, med school will be no different. Being a doctor is my dream. I am not giving up.


4 thoughts on “From Undergrad to MCAT to The Unknown – Part Three

  1. Will says:

    Lafuturadoctora I don’t know you and it’s just happenstance that I came across your Instagram. You are right, you don’t give up! Your struggle will be your greatest testimony! Your struggle is preparation for your purpose! It may seem like you are doing things alone but, know that many are praying for you! Keep inspiring…remain transparent…I have an unlikely story too and it’s still unfolding…

    Remain faithful…


  2. Sid says:

    I went through a similar situation exept my traumatic experience and depression happend my last semester of undergrad. After graduation i got some muched needed healing and I studied hard while working and rocked my MCAT and I am currently in a SMP! Like you, i am testing the waters in applying this year. We got this!


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